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Your donation helps the Little cut down on expensive Gala and event costs. And, continue to put effort into the areas you know and love: film, music & art!

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Introducing the first-ever, Your Little Gala. Historically, the Little has done an annual gala fundraiser - the Little Celebration. But over the last several years, the scope and size has driven up the event’s cost. The ultimate goal of the gala was to raise money for the Little’s maintenance and to help pay for all the special opportunities that the theatre offers our community. With staff time, facility disruption and financial stress, the Little Celebration had become a strain on resources. So now we’re skipping the middleman – and skipping the formal event altogether! Instead, you have an opportunity for a special evening to celebrate the Little on your own terms, on your own time. We provide manageable levels with enticing benefits, and all of your money goes directly to helping the Little!

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